Burning Man's sage marketing advice (part 2)

Last week, we demonstrated why brand strategy has a lot to learn from the first five founding principles of the annual Burning Man festival. This week, we cover off on the second five. [...]

Burning Man has sage marketing advice for brands

For the past 33 years, Burning Man has gone from a bonfire on the beach to one of the world’s most fascinating counter-cultural events. For many attendees, Burning [...]

Now is the time to redefine creativity

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.” - Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear If we were to ask our kindergarten selves [...]

A Bird's Eye View: Summer 2019 Festivals with Line 39

In 1769, the art of wine-making made its way to California. Since then the state's wine industry has grown dramatically, becoming the top wine producer [...]

From trade wars to brand wars, this is how companies thrive

War, what’s it good for? From Donald Trump’s perspective, a trade war is good for protecting US-based businesses from international competition. According to [...]

Why having a grand corporate purpose is not a risk

“The idea that consumers are buying from purpose-driven companies is real.” - Norman de Greve, CMO, CVS Health   Primed at the intersection between profitability [...]

The science and necessity of brand storytelling

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Four score and seven years ago. Whether it’s a speech, a film, a myth or a memoir, [...]

Bravery & living your brand purpose

Key takeaways Brand bravery is a topic we discuss a lot at A Little Bird, as companies struggle to feel confident in embracing a “larger purpose” [...]

Brand wars or collabs? This drives the most ROI

In the noisy, competitive, oversaturated marketing landscape, are companies better off waging war with the competition? Or is a better strategy to “go high” and [...]

A Bird's Eye View: Celsius @ Tough Mudder

For a majority of people, finding a fitness routine can be a long process. Not only does it require motivation to find a lifestyle that is sustainable, but the options [...]

Life is trending: Welcome to the IRL Revolution

Imagine owning a cosmetics company that boasts 570,000 followers on Instagram, 400,000 on Facebook, and 200,000 more on Twitter – and then one day [...]

Interactive gamification is the future of experiential

Experiential marketing has always enjoyed an advantage over traditional media because of its unique ability to humanize brands and build real relationships with consumers. [...]
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