The science behind emotion in marketing (ALB Presents)

Why using emotion in marketing is a science rather than an art, the limits of looking to demographics for strategy, and why you need to partner with influencers. [...]

Look beyond the liquid. How to build a beer brand?

Within a category of around 11,000 breweries in the UK, it’s no easy task to launch a beer brand. Craft brands have for too long been inward facing. This is why [...]

Purpose-Driven Brands Grow Faster (ALB Presents)

How aligning with a cause can accellerate company growth, the beauty industry's success with FOMO, and improving customer relationships through data. [...]

Campaigns that put consumers first

People don’t want to be treated like consumers - they want to be treated like people. In our Millennial-led culture, individuals want to be seen as unique. [...]

Why brand awareness is a long game

Modern consumers expect more of the companies they buy from; more transparency, more authenticity, and more value. They want to have a relationship with a brand.  [...]

How to measure a brand experience (ALB Presents)

The best ways to measure a live brand experience, why storefront retail is not dead, & how a company's social mission can result in brand growth [...]

Marketing wins, losses, and the virtues of bold campaigns

Embracing creativity and designing bold marketing campaigns can end in rewards or regret. However, in a world of marketing saturation, companies should honor [...]

Experience retail for automotive (ALB Presents)

How the automotive industry is embracing experiential retail, the best way to measure a brand activation, & the World Cup's sponsorship woes [...]

Integrating AI to improve brand experiences

Artificial intelligence is improving how companies interact with customers by seamlessly creating efficiencies and delivering an improved brand experience.  [...]

Can VR create empathy? (ALB Presents)

How virtual reality can create empathy in users, purpose-driven marketing at Fashion Week, & why Millennials love brand experiences [...]

Tech insight: The rise of the Apex Woman

Did you know women influence 75% of consumer tech purchasing decisions? You could be forgiven for not knowing this as, surprisingly, [...]

Does brand love really exist? (ALB Presents)

Brand love: fact or fiction, VR World provides experiential marketing and technology inspiration, & why brands should watch the beauty industry [...]

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