Marketing wins, losses, and the virtues of bold campaigns

Embracing creativity and designing bold marketing campaigns can end in rewards or regret. However, in a world of marketing saturation, companies should honor [...]

Experience retail for the automotive industry

How the automotive industry is embracing experiential retail, the best way to measure a brand activation, & the World Cup's sponsorship woes [...]

Integrating AI to improve brand experiences

Artificial intelligence is improving how companies interact with customers by seamlessly creating efficiencies and delivering an improved brand experience.  [...]

Can virtual reality create empathy?

How virtual reality can create empathy in users, purpose-driven marketing at Fashion Week, & why Millennials love brand experiences [...]

Tech insight: The rise of the Apex Woman

Did you know women influence 75% of consumer tech purchasing decisions? You could be forgiven for not knowing this as, surprisingly, [...]

Discovering truth behind brand love

Brand love: fact or fiction, VR World provides experiential marketing and technology inspiration, & why brands should watch the beauty industry [...]

What’s the point of British Airways?

It was a weekend of joy for Ryanair, reporting a record year with profits rising 6%. Meanwhile, on the other, side of the runway, British Airways [...]

Great brand activations and why consumers can't resist

Sonos’ unforgettable David Bowie-themed brand activation, immersive experiences using 360 video, & why you're getting personalization wrong [...]

Should brands be afraid of risks? Why failing is okay.

McDonald’s took a risk with their recent 'dead dad' ad. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t pay off. The public reaction and negative backlash to the ad [...]

Where does the snap election leave brand campaigns?

There’s no other way of putting it - the snap election is a massive issue for brands. With just over seven weeks until election day, approved brand activity [...]

Does your business have a purposeful culture?

This week Kraft Heinz tabled a bid of around £115bn for Unilever, which was politely rejected. Since then, talks have ended and both companies have decided [...]

Are you ready for the rise in Retail Price Index (RPI)?

Are you ready for the rise in RPI? This year, prices are going to rise across the board. Many brands are no longer able to hold the price of products due to the [...]

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